Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s)

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Is Solar Hot Water a good investment for me?
The potential savings on water heating bills are affected the most by the type of fuel you are using to heat that water heater and the number of people in the home. If you are heating hot water for two or more people and you heat water with electricity or with bottled or natural gas, then you owe it to yourself to look at solar water heating, it could be a great investment for you.

How much solar electric power do I need to power my home?
Each home is different, and the amount of electricity you use is very dependent upon your lifestyle, how your home was built, and your appliances. As part of our services, we work with you to reduce your electrical consumption in easy ways.

How much power does the system produce?
Systems come in all sizes, and produce as much or as little power as required. Many systems produce a portion of the home’s required power, leaving room for additional conservation or generation in the future.

If I sell my property, what effect does PV have on the sale price?
Energy conservation and renewable generation solar power pr adds value to a home. Surveys have shown that for every $1,000.00 saved per year, $20,000.00 is added to a home’s value. Solar energy can be one of the best home improvement investments you make.