Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Simple & Practical Solutions for your home, community or an entire city.

As a provider of AeroVironment charging stations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Golden Solar Technologies eases the shift to clean transportation by providing chargers for the home, businesses and where you work. Visit our contact page for a free consultation.

As the preferred charging solutions provider for the Nissan® LEAF, BMW ActiveE, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and other electric vehicles, AeroVironment is the leading name in turnkey total solutions for your charging needs. We offer a solution for any type of need

  • At Home
  • Multi-Unit
  • Public Charging
  • Fleets
  • Retail & Commercial
  • Work Place

Commercial & Pay Stations


Fleets & Workplace units













We can install a personalized unit at your home, community or business. Reward employees and business tenants with EV charging.  EV enthusiasts with long commutes from home, where they receive their primary charge, will be especially grateful for the extra boost during work hours.



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