Wind Generators

We have various products available in terms of wind power, on grid or off. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a free estimate.


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As an official distributor and installation specialist of Bergey Energy and SD Wind Power in Puerto Rico & Caribbean, Golden Solar Technologies provides excellent products with decades of experience and improvement. Golden Solar Technology has been able to partner with these firms, because it excels in service and installation excellence.

Properly designing an off grid system requires careful thought and consideration.  Efficiency is of critical importance.  GST has the experience to help you achieve your goal.

Products via SD Wind Energy

A wonderful benefit of wind powered generators is that they are very environmentally friendly. They don’t produce gases or other by-products like other generators do and poison the environment and anybody that happens to be nearby. There are enough pollutants in today’s society, so choosing a wind power generator is environmentally the best choice. Another benefit is that wind energy is harnessed free of charge.



Products via Bergey Windpower


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